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How to check +2 (12 Class) results of 2079 published in internet

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How can you check the results of the +2 or 12 class of Nepal on the internet?

How to check your results on the internet?

There are lots of official government websites in Nepal where you can see your academic results.

1. Ministry of Education Website:

2. National Examination Board’s website:

3. Examination Control Office Class 10 – Website:

4. Nepal Telecom’s website:

How to check your results from the SMS service?

Service Provider: Nepal Telecom – 1601

Type NEB <space> Symbol Number and send the SMS to 1601.

How to check your results from the IVR service?

Service Provider: Nepal Telecom – 1601

Dial in and follow the instructions on the call.

How to check your results from Notice Board Service?

Notice Board Number – 1618016639002 can be acquired by dialing.

The examination results can be searched on the Notice Board of the National Examination Board.

This is the exam results of Class 12 or +2 held on Bhadra 30 to Ashwin 8, 2078 (Nepali Date). 

National Examination Board, Examination Control Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur has published this result today! 43,180 students attended the exam regularly or partially. 

17,908 students took the exam in 4,105 exam centers from different parts of Nepal. The results were delayed due to the pandemic of Covid but now have been published successfully.