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Who is Balen Shah - Candidate for Kathmandu Mayor

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Balen Shah, real name Balendra Shah is a popular rapper and structural engineer. He was born and brought up in Gairigaun Kathmandu, Nepal. His wife's name is Sabina Kafle and has no children so far.

Balen got in the limelight through his popular rap battle in Raw Barz with Litl Grizl, now known as Grizzle. View Balen's rap battle.

His rap verse in Tuborg session 2 called Aastik was also very viral.

Balen Shah is now a candidate for Mayor of Kathmandu, Nepal. Youths and many Nepali celebrities have shown love and support in the election campaign. Balen does in affiliated with any political parties in Nepal till now. Let's see if he wins the election of Mayor of Kathmandu for the year 2022.

What are your thoughts about Balen Shah? Do you think he will win?

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I think Balen Shah is the best candidate and voice for youth and old. He is surely deserving. 

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Balen Shah is no more a candidate. He is the mayor now. He has won.